Mission Statement

Townshend Public Library will serve as a cultural and information center of the town, providing ready access to information in a wide variety of formats to suit the interests and needs of the community. Such services will be provided in a friendly, welcoming environment by helpful staff that encourages lifelong learning and a love of reading. The Townshend Public Library aspires to be the best small public library in Vermont.  

A History of the Townshend Public Library

The Townshend Public Library has existed in several town locations. As early as 1899, a collection of books for use of the townspeople was located in the village schoolhouse.  The library moved to Leland and Gray Seminary in 1909 and remained there until 1915.  For many years thereafter the book collection was housed in the village elementary school and the Town Hall.  The day after Labor Day in 1968, the town library with its collection of 4,000 books, moved to its present location in a building given by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lada-Mocarski on land donated by the town.  The Townshend Library now circulates approximately 10,000 items a year and the collection of over 14,000 items consists of a variety of formats.  The library also offers the free use of three computers and wireless service as well as various programs for all ages.  Jointly supported by the town and trustee fundraising, Townshend Library continues to be an important part of town life.

Karen LaRue

Assistant Librarians

Beth Etman

Jennifer Clary

Donna Trumbull


    Maggie Bills
    Marge Holt
    Marilee Attley
    Pat Lassoff
   Judy Slowik

The Trustees meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5:30 in the Library.  The public is welcome.

Agenda and Minutes


We accept "Good Condition" books, books on tape, CD's, and movies during library hours.
Donations that meet the selection criteria may be added to the collection.
All other acceptable donations will be added to the library's on-going booksale. 

We do not accept:

    • Readers Digest Condensed Books
    • National Geographic Magazines
    • Magazines without pre-approval
    • Dated Encyclopedias
    • Textbooks
    • Moldy or otherwise damaged items
    • Paperbacks without covers